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We Help Organizations Build High-Quality Software

- without the Typical Pitfalls

The Team

We're a team of software developers, entrepreneurs, leaders, strategists, coaches, and mentors. We bring decades of software industry and business leadership experience to bear on our clients' toughest challenges. We work from the boardroom to the programmer's desk and everywhere in between.

The Mission

The Mission

Canyon Trail's mission is to elevate the craft of software development. We accomplish that in two ways. First, we cultivate close collaboration with our clients so that we're always helping them navigate the best paths towards greater and greater business value; and second, we emphasize quality in the work that we do. Our passion is continuously delivering well-crafted software that makes a positive difference in the work our clients do.

Consulting Services

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Sometimes it’s helpful to bring in some outside perspective...

Startup Coaching

Growing a tech startup is much easier with an experienced technology leader helping to guide strategy and to work through challenges.


Software is an industry of learning. Often, the best way to learn a new skill is to study under an experienced practitioner.


Sometimes you can’t wait for your existing people to develop the new skills that you need right now...