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Hi, I'm Floyd May

I help others build high quality software.

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Portrait of Floyd May, Principal of Canyon Trail

Owner and principal
consultant at Canyon Trail.

I help people turn ideas into working software that delivers value. I'm an expert programmer, a leader, a strategist, a coach, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and a teacher. From the boardroom to the programmer's desk and everywhere in between, I help organizations build high-quality software. I’ve been writing software professionally since 2001. For over ten years I’ve been mentoring programmers, and for the past six years, I’ve been leading teams in a managerial capacity.

My Mission:

I founded Canyon Trail because I’ve seen the waste and disillusionment that comes from building software without experienced, informed leadership. I’ve seen professional relationships crippled and careers stunted due to poor quality software. I’ve seen the classic business/IT rift make it impossible to make stakeholders happy. In short, I’ve seen lots of examples of how software development goes wrong, and I founded Canyon Trail as a vehicle to help organizations make software development go right.

Consulting Services

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Sometimes it’s helpful to bring in some outside perspective...

Startup Coaching

Growing a tech startup is much easier with an experienced technology leader helping to guide strategy and to work through challenges.


Software is an industry of learning. Often, the best way to learn a new skill is to study under an experienced practitioner.


Sometimes you can’t wait for your existing people to develop the new skills that you need right now...